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Tiger USJO 2024 - Reportage!

The U.S. Open, one of the highlights of the Squash Tigers season, was conducted in Philadelphia this past weekend. The big numbers were:

  • Over 1,000 players across ten draws contested the tournament

  • Players from 45 countries competed

  • 32 Squash Tigers represented the program

  • A spectacular 16 Tigers made the top 32

  • An even more remarkable 7 enjoyed a top 20 finish and

  • A big 3 achieved a top 10 placing!  

Statistically our most successful divisions were the U15’s with Reghan making a semi-final, Isabella the losing finalist and JJ fighting through the consols into 10th place.  Shout outs to Jonathan, Tyler, Yidrew and Madeleine who all enjoyed good success in their respective down years - bigger things ahead!

The U17’s were truly the “big guns” of the program, on paper Claire in 13-16, Alex in the 21-24 slots were our best finishers.  Colten and Parth as always were hard to beat and did us proud, as did Eric and Shrikar in their down years.  For the girls Lily was outstanding in finishing 35 after some great squash, with Anya and Steph competing hard as always.

The U11’s had all four players, Yiden, Evan, Tony and Katherine in the top 24 of the boys and girls draws.  Top finisher was Yiden who played out into the 13-16 slot and defended his national ranking of #14!

The U13’s saw Meredith lead the girls in 11-12 and Eric lead the boys in 13-16.  Shout outs to Leo, Mimi, Chloe and Sriya who will all be so much better for the big time experience.

Last but not least, some of our favorites in the U19’s.  Our hard working seniors played a great event, led by Maryam, finishing in 13-16. Sean enjoyed some big wins in his 49-64 finish - (see a big highlight from Sean on our socials here) and Anika enjoyed some solid success and again demonstrated some real improvement.  Arman battled hard against the odds as the youngest man in the draw, enjoying his birthday on the third day of the event!  Happy Birthday Arman!

A final congratulations to all our competitors who displayed great skill and even better sportsmanship.  A thank you to the parents who fostered such an encouraging and respectful environment and lastly, thank you to my coaches who worked tirelessly in Philly and at the club to make sure the kids enjoyed the experience they deserved.

You may view all the best Tiger Memories via our Story - and stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the inevitable photo dump from the weekend.  Back at the club we are now fully in Christmas Camp mode and preparing for the second half of the season.  See you all at training!


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