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In season (Sep  - May), SQUASHTIGERS offers all junior squash players a FREE TRIAL. Families wishing to have their child participate may click on the link at the bottom of the page, fill out a SQUASHTIGERS profile, enter the membership option as as FREE TRIAL (NEW MEMBERS) and you are ready to start! This will create a login for your child in our system and allow them to attend one day of squash training. Once your login is created, please email Paul Frank at and he should be able to guide you appropriately as to the best session to attend. 


Players with some degree of squash experience should attend one of our SQUADs.  Players who have more experience, typically those playing at a mid SILVER level or more, should attend our SQUAD as well as the PERFORMANCE program. For the weekly schedule of SQUADS and PERFORMANCE sessions (we run 3 SQUAD sessions and 2 PERFORMANCE sessions on most days, including weekends), please consult our weekly schedule.

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