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The PERFORMANCE membership grants access to the PERFORMANCE sessions which are designed for our most aspiring players currently competing at Gold or JCT levels and who wish to accelerate their performance development.


Under the direct tutelage of our Director, the program is the "next level" in training and incorporates high level methodology, fitness benchmarking, structured match-play, targeted drills, and personal mentoring. PERFORMANCE sessions may be thought of a bolt-on to the SQUADs to rapidly enhance performance. For maximum effect, they are attended either right before or right after attending a SQUAD.

Membership to the PERFORMANCE Program entitles the player to the following training and competition opportunities:

  • Unlimited attendance at PERFORMANCE sessions, giving the option of 11 hours of high level training seven days a week

  • Unlimited attendance at SQUAD sessions, giving the option of over 25 hours of  squads seven days a week

  • A monthly one on one meeting with parents to discuss progress and plan for the future.

  • Mentoring, consultation and advice on maximizing the US Squash tournament schedule.

  • Performance benchmarking to evaluate fitness and identify target areas for improvement

  • The option of taking private lessons from our Coaches is available at an additional cost, including availing a discounted 10-lesson pack

  • In-person coaching through all JCT's in addition to the US Open, and Gold and Silver Nationals is available at an additional cost. Please consult the Tournament Coaching page for more details and costs.

  • Zoom coaching at Gold and Silver tournaments through the year is available at an additional cost. Please consult the Tournament Coaching page for more details.

PERFORMANCE membership costs $1195 monthly.

For a limited period, we are offering discounted 3-month memberships for PERFORMANCE to juniors who join anytime during the month of November 2023. Before enrolling, please check with our coaches on the suitability of the PERFORMANCE membership for your child. The 3-month membership grants members access to all SQUADs and all PERFORMANCE sessions during a consecutive 90-day period from the date the junior enrolls in the membership. Also note that the the 3-month membership gives juniors access to all the Thanksgiving and Christmas camps, including SQUADS and PERFORMANCE sessions along with enrollment into our monthly rehearsal tournaments that fall during the membership period. Juniors may also take lessons (for a additional fee) and have our coaches guide them during tournaments (for an additional fee). Please select membership "PERFORMANCE-3 MONTHS - STARTING NOV 2023".


You may join our performance membership using the below link. For any questions or clarifications, please reach us at or (609) 906 4271.

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