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SQUASHTIGERS is born out of a shared love for squash and as a partnership between a squash parent and squash coach. Our mission is to help players achieve their full potential by guiding and training them end-to-end through their squash playing years. Our training methodology is built on rigor and routine, something that we felt was lacking in squash training, especially at the junior level. Our players have the longest on-court times. Our coaches have a record of producing the most junior champions in the US. Our facility in Plainsboro features five new WSF-certified white courts and two WSF-certified full-glass show courts (one that plays with a white ball and one that plays with a black ball).


Squash is the healthiest racket sport for physical fitness. Approximately 20 million people play squash globally in over 185 countries. It is an indoor racket sport  played with a ‘squashable’ ball.  Played by two players, the objective of the game is to hit and place the ball so your opponent cannot make a return!

  • US Squash is the National Governing Body for the Sport in the USA. They provide an infrastructure for the sport, including a comprehensive competitive tour for junior players. The Specter Center in downtown Philadelphia is the home for USSquash. 

  • The College Squash Association (CSA) oversees men’s and women’s intercollegiate varsity squash. There are 34 varsity Men’s teams, 32 varsity Women’s teams, and 45 additional club teams. The colleges and universities where squash is offered as a sport are among the top institutions around the country, including all Ivy League schools. For a list of colleges that support squash at the varsity level, click here.

  • The Professional Squash Association (PSA) runs the professional tour. Similar to the ATP and WTA for tennis they run over 200 tournaments annually around the world with over 800 players from all the 5 continents and over 60 countries represented in the rankings. This short YouTube clip gives you some perspective on the world wide game.

SQUASHTIGERS supports junior and professional training. Our coaches have extensive experience and have a record of producing multiple junior champions including college recruits for these colleges. Our coaches have also coached multiple professional players including three pros who went to become PSA world #1s.

Past College Recruits by SQUASHTIGERS Coaches

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