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If you would like to discuss any aspect of programming or membership, please call us via (609) 906-4271 or email and we can set up a time to meet or tour.  SQUASHTIGERS presents a new and revolutionary way to play and train squash, and there's always something to touch base upon!

  • What is the Junior Academy?
    The SQUASHTIGERS Junior Academy is a seven day a week, year round elite training program for ambitious junior squash players. Our aim is to help produce the next generation of junior athletes who go on to play varsity squash at major US colleges.
  • Who may join the Junior Academy?
    The program is open to players aged 7 years to 18 years and is specifically designed to take players from learning the sport, mentor them through the US Squash Junior Tour and onto successful College Recruitment.
  • Does my child need to be a member to participate in squads?
    Yes. All players must be members of the Academy in order to participate in squads. We offer a variety of membership options and occasional drop-ins. We recommend that players attend squads at least four times a week. The squad curriculum is cumulative, in as much as each squad and each week leads on from the previous, and players get the most out of the program with frequent attendance.
  • What do SQUADs look like?
    Weekday squads are 75 minutes in duration . Weekend squads are 90 minutes in duration. SQUADS have four key components. 1. A thorough warm up and cool down/stretching segment - designed to mirror what needs to be performed during competition 2. Match play and/or modified games to prepare players for competitive pressures and rehearse a variety of game plans 3. A technical component, designed to first learn, then pressure test aspects of the four basic strokes in the game and variations of each 4. Physical training to both improve conditioning and performance as well as PREVENT injuries caused by weakness or imbalances
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes, we offer private lessons. We suggest that players take one lesson a week as an accompaniment to our squad or performance program. Private lessons act to assist in individualizing the program to the specific needs of players. Our methodology emphasizes the importance of repetition and hard work, which is primarily done through our daily squads. We also offer members a 10-lesson pack at a discounted rate. Please click here or email for more details.
  • Do you coach players through junior tournaments?
    Yes, we coach and mentor players through junior tournaments. We recommend that juniors compete in at least one tournament every 4-6 weeks or so. Members are able to book tournament coaching by logging in to their member portal and signing up for tournament coaching, or emailing with their request. Please click here for more details.
  • What is the PERFORMANCE program?
    The Performance Program is a by application elite level program designed for our most aspiring players who are highly motivated to accelerate improvement in their performance level. This program is an add-on to squads for players who designate squash development as their main athletic priority. The program offers an advanced and in-depth curriculum with two specially designed 45 to 60-minute sessions daily. Most performance program players use these sessions in conjunction with the squad attending the performance sessions either right before or right after attending a squad.
  • What are REHEARSAL Tournaments?
    Rehearsal Tournaments are in-house events conducted at Squash Tigers commencing September 2023 and extending right through until May 2024 – a total of 8 events for the 2023-24 season. The Rehearsal Tournament Circuit attracts entries top juniors. In addition, it provides a great home for beginners to gain rehearsal before they step out into the US Squash ranking world. Players play a minimum of three and a maximum of four matches during the day, commencing first thing and concluding afternoon. Since the event does not count towards rating or ranking, players are relaxed enough to develop their games in a friendly environment, yet serious enough so that they will be ready for the wider world when they get out there! For more details, please click here.
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