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One-on-one interaction opportunities, such as LESSONS and IN-TOURNAMENT COACHING Private Lessons are an effective way to accelerate development through individualized attention.


Lessons emphasize the player's personal profile (technical, tactical, physical, and psychological), and make links between their stage of learning and the overall program curriculum. Individual 30 minute lessons may be purchased. For our members in the SQUAD or PERFORMANCE program, we also offer a discounted 10-lesson pack. The purpose of our lesson curriculum is to teach and instruct players, ideally positioning them to rehearse and gain repetitions in our SQUAD Program.  Our methodology uses lessons as teaching moments, not training occasions and recognizes that the player needs appropriate learning, but that the accumulation of repetitions and contextualizing of skills is most appropriately done with players at a similar stage of development.  For those looking for a guaranteed day and time each week, please speak directly with the coach and they will take you through availability and scheduling.


Players on any of our paid memberships have the option of purchasing individual 30-min lessons.

  • The cost of a single 30-min lesson with Paul is $85.

  • The cost of a single 30-min lesson with Colin, Claire, or Jamie is $75.

  • The cost of a 10-lesson 30 min lesson pack with Paul is $795.

  • The cost of a 10-lesson 30 min lesson pack with Colin, Claire or Jamie is $695.

Please email for registering interest in private lessons for your child with one of our coaches.

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