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Ranking Review 2023 - 2024 - The Girls!

The Season that was… Ranking Review 2023 - 2024 - The Girls!

May is a fantastic time to look back on the season that was, celebrate the wins and plan the future.  As we look to plan Summer, it often helps to reflect on the performances of the previous season.  The majority of our high achievers set themselves up for success with their hard work in Squash Tigers Camps last summer - and wow, did that hard work pay off…

This is the girl’s breakdown; the boy’s, who were equally impressive, have their own separate analysis elsewhere!

Setting the Scene with the big numbers!

  • 26 program players were ranked in the top 32 of their respective age groups this season!

  • 13 Girls in the top 32

  • 13 Boys in the top 32

  • 12 players made the top 10

Our program #1 this season was undoubtedly Reghan.  Her brief highlights included achieving the coveted #1 ranking in the girls U17, making sure she has the “full set”, with #1 rankings at U11, U13, U15 and U17 - a select few players ever make that and big congratulations are in order.  Reghan also made the final of the GU15 Nationals, won three GU17 JCT’s and the semi finals of the GU15 US Open.  Wow, just wow.  Well done Miss Reghan.

The U17s on the whole were all very impressive.  Congratulations to Claire on a solid season where she made a top ranking of #5 and the quarter finals of Nationals.  Shoutouts to Lily at #18 in her down year, Steph at #34, Francis at #36 and Anya at #42  Also always proud of ST visitor Miss Bella who made it to #2 in her down/down year.  Good work ladies.

The GU13’s were an exciting division.  Our star was Meredith who made it to #4 in the rankings before aging up.  She was followed by Mimi at #14, Chloe at #19 and Sriya at #38, all in their down year.  Congratulations to Chloe on winning her first Gold last weekend, and all three of the girls are situated to have an awesome up year!  On another note, a special mention to Alison, winner of the Bronze Nationals - bigger things ahead!


Erika came back from a vexing knee injury to a #10 ranking in the GU15. She was joined by Madeleine in her down year at #27.  Erika always looks capable of breaking through into the finals of major events and Madeleine is perfectly situated to achieve next year - stay tuned!

GU11 standouts were Lilianna and Katherine at a top ranking of #6 and #8 respectively.  Both young ladies demonstrated clear improvement throughout the season and Lilianna still has another season at U11, so we can’t wait to see what that brings.

Finally to our notional girls captains, Maryam who made it to #15 in the rankings and Ani at #57.  Seldom has any program had such dedicated upperclassmen and the ladies were absolute role models on and off the court for their younger contemporaries.  We will miss them and wish them well at UVA and Tufts respectively - come visit often!

Congratulations to all of the girls on a great season.  They all displayed excellent sportsmanship and high level skills.  The reminder that summer gives the opportunity to set foundations in place for next season in all respects.  Most obviously improving technique and players' physical profile.  September will be here sooner than anyone thinks, the hard work starts now.  See you all at training!


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