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Wonderful Weekend (W)eview… (alliteration is hard…)

Yet another busy weekend in the Squash Tigers World saw a crew contest the catchily titled Buffalo Wing Gold, St. James Silver in VA and a bundle of our younger squad contested our penultimate Rehearsal Tournament back at the ranch.

Big news first from Buffalo and congratulations to Madeleine on winning the Girls U15!  In her first event since turning 14, Miss Madeleine is now 1 of 1, and long may the trend continue!  Also notable in the home of the wings was Meredith in a strong 3rd place, only losing out to Madeleine in a Tiger vs. Tiger semi-final!  Additionally Eric had a strong showing in the BU17 and the big leftie muscled his way into the bronze position.  Shout outs to the ever effortful Erika and Steph for theirs shall be another day… so to speak.  

In the Virginia Silver our top two finishers were Yohan, who won the BU13 and Siddhi, who waltzed away with the Silver Medal in the GU15.  Clearly it was a bit of a trip, but it’s always a fun mission when you come away with wins.  Yohan’s final was notable in as much as the big guy came back from 2/0 down in the final, which I’m sure makes it all even sweeter!

Back at the ranch we had the penultimate Rehearsal Tournament of the season.  Four Divisions were contested, the club was a hive of action and, candidly, a good time had by all!

Starting with the less experienced crew in D3 - congratulations to Riyanshi for her first ever tournament victory!  The little leftie beat our Audrina for the top spot with Leo completing the podium.  D3 was the future… and it was pretty groovy!  

D2 podium consisted of Ansh, Riya and Yaseen - three of our most ardent trainers and their standard of play showed that diligence.  Not Ansh’s first trophy, but certainly not his last and he displayed a strong and determined attitude throughout the event.

D1 was a very competitive bracket!  Jayden emerged 3/1 in the final over Sriya with Tony taking out the third place position over Neil.  Jayden has improved greatly recently, the addition of the Performance training seems to have assisted his overall physicality and overall the D1 bracket was one of the best!

Premier Division was a little different to normal, with many of our more experienced players off on various duties it was up to Dhruv to step up to the mark and that he did, with several five game matches he ran away with the gold!  Silver medalist was Ayona with Kaylee (GU11 perennial #1) in third, defeating Allen.  Allen’s earlier match with Grayson will go down as one of the matches of the tournament, as Grayson’s match with Leo and all of the boys should be proud of their efforts.  Certainly it’s always good to see Kaylee, who continues to get better with each day that goes by…  Rounding out the division were Alice (our National Bronze Champ) and Chloe all looking high level - Chloe just a week after winning her first gold!

It was a memorable weekend, and here are a couple more more points to remember!

  • Our final Rehearsal Tournament of the 2023/2024 season will be conducted June 8 - enter via the website or with Coach Claire!

  • Summer Camp kicks off June 1

All in all Spring continues on a million miles an hour.  See you all at training!


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