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Tiger Tally: December Rankings Roundup

December is an opportune time to check in on our top performing Tigers in the US Squash Rankings. Briefly, 20 players in the top 32 and 9 in the top 10 across all age groups - congratulations to everyone!

Drilling down, at BU11 we have Yiden ranked 16 and Evan 27 and for the girls, Katherine at 21. Shoutout to Tony at 40 and Ronnie at 50 who will certainly make their debut in the top 32 in due course! These hard working players lead the Tigers futures pack and let us know what’s possible with hard work.

At U15 we have JJ leading the way at 4, followed by Eric in the BU13 at 10. Shout to Jonathan in the BU15 coming in at 36.

At BU17 we have the big dogs, with Colten at 6, Alex 9, Parth 11 and Arman 29. A better group of hard working young men you wouldn’t find anywhere else and the coaches are understandably proud of their efforts. Recognition also to our sole BU19, Sean, who comes in at 30 and continues to improve in his senior year!

The GU13 sees Meredith at 6, and both Mimi 21 and Chloe 22 in their down years doing big things! Chloe in particular, having just played her first JCT last month in San Francisco deserves a special mention as well as reflecting upon Meredith’s semi final success.

Girls U15 is always of interest with Reghan at 7 officially, but unofficially a clear 1 and Erika coming back from injury still ranked 15. Shoutouts to Madeleine at 41 and Meredith backing up at 44.

The GU17 sees Reghan at 2 having won the first two JCT’s of the season, Isabella at 4, Claire at 6 and Lily at 22. What a great group of young ladies they are, on and off the court. Shoutout to Anya at 48! Last, but certainly not least we have our super hard working senior, Maryam at 18 in the GU19 - looking to finish her junior career in style!

Squash is not just about rankings, every player is on their own journey. That being said, it’s always good to recognize effort, it’s always positive to recognize achievement, and well done to our top 32 Tigers - with many more to join them in the coming months!


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