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Tiger NEWS!

Summer is rapidly moving and I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! Below you'll find some reminders for our Early Summer and Summer Camps to come. As always, email if you would like anything clarified and we can answer via email or jump on a call.

The TOP 4 things to know!

  1. Early Summer Camps have one more week to run! Adjusted schedule and signups HERE!

  2. Good luck to those players participating in this weekends NJ Silver and UVA Gold - limited Zoom coaching slots still available details on the site

  3. Our Full Summer Camps commence Monday June 26 and you can make your booking, reserving your place, via our website. Our camps are renowned and we have players coming in from all over the USA to work hard this summer - look forward to seeing everyone

  4. Lesson times are available with all our Teaching Professionals and you can confirm directly with coaches or email to make requests. Please note that you need to confirm your lesson times in advance!

  5. Our final Rehearsal Tournament of the season was a memorable one, with visiting Princeton Coach Alan Clyne and Teaching Pro Jamie putting on a great show for a big crowd of our players. If you missed the report, you can find it on our ST blog

As always, please message us with questions via 609 906 4271 or email - never a better time to be a Squash Tiger!

p.s. if you don't already follow us on social media - check out out latest here


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