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Summer Camp updates and more...

Congratulations to our Squash Tigers crew who performed so well in last weekends CT Gold and Philly Silver. If you didn't catch up on their successes, check out our quick precis. That being said, the final week of July is now done and dusted, with lots of hard work and fun accomplished. Looking at August and the run into the season - here is your Top 4 for the week!

Four things to keep in mind:

  1. Squash Tigers Summer Camp is for everyone. We coach players from beginners through to National Champions every day! Full details on our dedicated webpage

  2. Additionally, we run Performance Squads four days a week for our elite and aspirational players

  3. Lessons are available with all four of our coaches. Camps are busy, but with a little flexibility and patience we'll make sure your child gets the lessons they need

  4. Our next Zoom Coaching event is the Detroit Gold and it promises to be a busy weekend for our team - we always appreciate advance notice if you'd like us to coach your child through the event!

Please remember to sign up for ALL CAMP DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL unless you have a Summer membership. All camp details are unchanged and are on the site or make a quick email to to make sure we have availability!

Enjoy the weather, enjoy the family and join us in getting that fun hard work in on the courts!

See you all at training!

Paul and the Team

p.s. if you've not seen "what it looks like", we run an occasional live stream which can be accessed here!


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