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Reportage from the Squash Tigers World!

Another wrap-up following another remarkable weekend in the SQUASH TIGERS WORLD!

This past week we had a huge week of camp, it was great to have the whole coaching team, Colin, Claire, Jamie and I, all together and presenting. Great fun for the kids, great fun for the coaches! Additionally, the weekend saw a bundle of our players at the RI Gold and at a fun Bronze at Chatham.

Rhode Island is one of my favorite parts of the world, I was one of the coaches at the Brown Squash Camps for many, many years and both love the feel of Providence and have drunk more chocolate shakes from Johnny Rockets than is really all that healthy for a grown man. This time, rather than actually being up North, I was at the club on Zoom, but it still feels fitting that the Squash Tigers crew did so well!

The lead story from RI was that Mimi and JJ both had great runs through the GU11 and BU15 respectively and won through to semi-finals. RI will now no longer be famous for being the home of the world's largest bug (on the roof of the NE Pest Control Centre, google it!), it will now be famous for the great run both kids had through their draws!

As always our girls competed well up and down the divisions. As I said, Mimi did so well making a semi-final in the GU11, Jasmine and Angela had credible performances in the GU15, showing the benefit of their intense summer training. Claire played remarkably well in the GU17, finishing in 9th position - but it wasn't so much the outcome, but the performances which were fantastic examples of offensive squash. Well done girls!

JJ had his best result of the summer making a semi-final of the BU15 while playing up... not a bad weekends work at all. JJ was joined in the BU15 by Eric and Edward, who have also put in intense summers, while the BU17 saw Sean and Will battle out another tough bracket.

Mitchell Squash in Chatham hosted a Bronze on Saturday which saw several of our players go in search of match experience and some ranking points. Well done in particular to Yidrew on winning the BU13 and George on making the final of the BU17. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but both performances were good rewards for hard work - with much bigger tournaments ahead of both of them!

This week we see camps continue at the club and we kick into a boast week! Although we have three (3) big weeks of camp remaining, we also have our Fall schedule out for your perusal and I'm putting some time aside in my week for planning chats with any interested parents. Say hi next time you're in the club and we'll put something in the diary to either meet face to face or virtually.


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