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Remote Tournament Coaching Guide

Already a well established part of the SQUASH TIGER world, I thought it was worth a quick revisit of our Remote Tournament Coaching protocols in advance of Summer Golds. Questions welcome and may be directed to me via .

What is Squash Tigers Remote Tournament Coaching (RTC)?

Remote Coaching is our SQUASHTIGERS term for providing in game tournament coaching to players without the coach traveling to the event. We use FaceTime or Zoom to view matches and speak to the players before, during and after their games. Costs for various types of events may be found on our dedicated webpage.

Why is RTC helpful?

We guide and mentor the players to achieve their best performances and learn from their experiences subsequently.

Who coaches the players and who is eligible to sign up for RTC

Players are coached by our Squash Tigers Coaching Team, predominantly Paul, but with all the coaches providing support as needed. Any Squash Tigers players will be able to sign up for coaching: Performance, Squad and Weekend members included.

When do we need to sign up for RTC?

In order to guarantee our ability to cover your matches we need confirmation a week in advance of the event. Late registrations will be considered, even as late as the day of the tournament, but we can’t guarantee coverage as the program is quite busy and we balance in person squads and lessons with our Remote Coaching.

How does RTC work?

Equipment / Technology required

  • A smart phone and a set of headphones to be able to interact with the coach confidentially

  • Always good to check cell reception / wifi strength in advance

  • Confirm your preferred cell # and email address pre event please

  • Our Zoom link is or in other cases when we Facetime our preferred SQUASHTIGERS cell # is (609) 906-4271

Expectations of players

Coaches prefer to speak briefly to players after they have done their general warmup and before they go on court for the match warmup. We appreciate there may not always be time, but that is ideal. Similarly, a brief chat post game, whether win, lost or draw is ideal to assist players in preparing for their next match, or to aid reflection post event.

Expectations of coaches

You can always assume that coaches will follow the event online, have some knowledge of opponents and place in the draw. Player and parent texts about delays or details such as fatigue or nerves are always welcome.


Overall Remote Tournament Coaching offers an affordable solution to tournament mentoring. RTC should be seen as an opportunity not just to “win more matches”, but more importantly to get the most possible learning experience from the event and speed improvement. Questions may be directed to any of our staff, or email me directly via


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