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How often should you train?

As with most questions there is a nuanced answer and a simple answer. Blog posts are great for the rough outline, but please keep in mind I'm always happy to find time to speak and give specific recommendations for your child! Please email me if you'd like to discuss an in season training and competition program for your child, we can potentially find time to sit down at the club or jump on a call if you're short for time.

The ballpark conversation looks like this!

Squash Tigers as you would be aware, is a competition based program. This does not mean that we don't have fun and enjoy our squash, because we do. What it does mean is that our Squash Tiger players should be looking to compete in US Squash ranking tournaments, and on average, one event every six weeks. In terms of training, our players are advised to train 46 weeks a year and a minimum of four times a week on average. Obviously this is a broad outline, but it helps give new parents a notion of what it takes to compete successfully in the sport. I bring this up because the season is rapidly approaching. Our Fall Schedule is our HERE - and as I wrote above, feel free to email me if you'd like to speak.

Big season ahead and we'd like to help you maximize your child's squash. See you all at the club soon!


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