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Construction Update - we're getting closer!

Another huge week for the club, with our construction crew working long and hard to bring the vision to fruition! The roof is sound, the ceiling white... the majority of work is completed on our five regulation court walls and the space is looking more and more like a real squash club every day!

We have the two all glass courts arriving Wednesday, which is just about as exciting as it gets! Anyone building at the moment is conscious of delays in shipping and building projects currently, so we've feeling more than happy that our prized yellow court one and blue court two are almost on the doorstep! We're looking at an early December opening and I can't wait to welcome everyone to the club - and to get back coaching some of tomorrow's #1's. You can keep up with all the news in several ways; signing up for the blog using the form on our website front page, following us on Facebook, Insta and even Tiktok via @squashtigers and you can reach out with any questions via

See everyone soon, big things ahead!


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