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SQUASHTIGERS - Weekly Newsflash!

"SPRING is the most important season for a squash player looking to move to the next level of achievement."

Spring gives coaches an opportunity to improve an athletes overall athletic profile, hone technique and most importantly, gain a jump on rivals. There are three things to unpack in that statement.

Spring has less competitive pressure, allowing coaches to be more concerned with technique and the long term - rather than just winning the next match.

  1. As Spring has less competitive pressure, we can do more physical training to progress an athletes physical profile, without taking away from their winning chances due to fatigue.

  2. Many others “rest” from squash in the Spring - making it the ideal opportunity to move up and on past them.

Right now at SQUASHTIGERS we are focused on finishing out the last competitive outings of the 2022 season strongly, then preparing for that next level jump. The coaches are commencing the goal setting process, conducting appropriate physical testing, technical evaluation and ensuring that all players have an individual agenda moving forwards.

Below you'll find three key points:

  1. Some of the latest Squash Tiger NEWS!

  2. Information about SPRING BREAK training opportunities

  3. Reminder to register your summer camp interest

See you at the club. Paul


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