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January is always a super busy month in the squash world and we like to keep everyone informed! Below you'll find our usual reminders to keep you in the loop. 

  1. We have our January Rehearsal Tournament this coming Saturday, kickoff 10:00am with entries capped at 50 - signups here!

  2. Zoom coaching is available for the Santa Clara and Brooklyn Golds with our coaching team making the trek down south for in person coaching at the Texas JCT.

  3. Training always runs to schedule and we have not had a single cancellation in our two years of operation - please note that if we have a weather emergency you will be emailed directly and with advance warning - please be safe, however training always runs...

  4. Never a better time to start SQUASH than today and we have the perfect entry program for novices, please feel free to pass on details of our Learn to Play Program to friends or give them my contacts and I can assist from there

Remember, it's cold outside, but always warm in the club, see you all at training!

Paul and the Team

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