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NJ Silver - Tiger Reportage!

The New Jersey Silver was conducted this past weekend, and being local, enjoyed the participation of a bundle of Squash Tigers!  Long story short we had 10 Squash Tigers make semi-finals or better across the age groups!  A pretty stunning stat.

Drilling down into the specifics…

The BU13 saw “the boys” dominate, with Dev beating Jesse in the final and Ronnie picking up 3rd.  Not surprising… but very satisfying and congratulation to Dev who is one of our biggest improvers in the season.

Similar story in the GU13 with Shona winning, defeating sister Anya and Siddhi taking third.  Hearty congrats to all three!

Dhruv demolished the BU15 and may be a little good for silvers now, with Andrew making a semi final.  Shout out to Grayson, better known at our club as Ani’s little brother on his third place.

GU17 saw Jasmine run through the field as expected and BU17 was ludicrously strong and saw Humzah in 3rd place.  Solid work from two of our favorites!

All in all congratulations to our Tiger contingent.  Always great to have an event on the proverbial doorstep and always great to see the kids rewarded for their hard work!

See everyone at training!


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