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Happy Friday!  A brief check in before a busy weekend, with a bundle of Squash Tigers in action at our Rehearsal Tournament, in Silvers throughout various States or in the Boston Gold.  These events, coupled with preparation for the upcoming Nationals and it's all go in the club!  Also of note to our extended Squash Tiger family is our announcement of our impending expansion club in Philly this coming summer.

Below you'll find some important updates, with Spring Break Squad time changes, Rehearsal Tournament updates and whatnot. 

Quick Hits:

  1. Final call on our special 3 month membership offer, which confers a significant discount. Details may be found here.

  2. Our March Rehearsal Tournament is tomorrow - entries close 6pm via - kickoff Saturday 10am

  3. Spring Camp hours next week - Monday 11 through to Friday 15 the schedule changes slightly with 75 minute squads at 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm - Performance moves to 3:15 and 5:15 and parents should seek out coaches to confirm/move private lessons

  4. We will be offering in person coaching for the Gold and Silver/Bronze Nationals - details are unchanged and may be found via this link.  I would appreciate early requests to assist me in planning for the smoothest possible weekend for players and coaches

Finally I want to reiterate that I have made time in my coaching week to chat with parents, either by Zoom or face to face to go over future plans and address player development questions.  Please email me via and we'll make an appointment to go over your child's squash.

See you all at training!

Paul and the team


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