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Mid-Atlantic JCT - Squash Tiger Reportage!

Squash Tigers celebrated our first Birthday this past weekend, and what better way to celebrate than to run a big weekend of squads and coach through the Mid-Atlantic JCT! What a weekend it was…!

The Mid-Atlantic JCT was held in Washington DC this past weekend! Although with a title like “mid-Atlantic”, it sounds like the event should take place in a boat, it was actually held at the elegantly named “Squash on Fire” and “The Saint James” - two simply beautiful venues locked down there in what is not exactly known as a hotbed of squash!

As always, US Squash ran the event exceedingly well, with their staff working long days and yet always managing to be a voice of reason… Truly, the event was a pleasure and conducted for the most part in accordance with the high levels of sportsmanship… and it never hurts that the ST kids played fantastically well!