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Cognitive Bias Mini-Blog #7 - "Exaggerated Expectation"

As far as cognitive bias, "exaggerated expectations" is something I encounter more than I enjoy! In a nutshell, it refers to peoples tendency to expect more extreme outcomes than standardly occur. In a squash sense there are several simple examples. Most frequently, what I see if a less experienced player who commits to intense training for a brief period of time and then presumes their level will lift exponentially, with a subsequent real sense of disappointment when competition ensues and they don't enjoy the success they have anticipated.


It is always important to realize where you are in your career and listen to the appropriate voices around you. A constant theme in our blogs has been goal setting, and realistic goal setting is vital otherwise you will encounter disappointment. Ambition is fantastic... unrealistic expectations are not, and your coach is there to help you realize the difference!

See you on the courts.

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