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SQUASHTIGERS - Weekly News Flash!

Almost May, the sun is shining and the club is thriving!

A busy few weeks has seen some great performances from our SQUASHTIGERS players, highlighted by the PCC Gold last weekend. Congratulations in particular to Parth, who made the final of the BU17 while playing up an age group. A dismissal of a player rated 0.46 higher than him was the signature win of the event the event, but there was solid improvement shown by everyone, up and down the age groups.

A last reminder that we have our own inaugural US Squash Silver Event in May, entries closing NOW and you can enter here. It is the ideal opportunity for players who need either competitive experience, or who would like the points to jump start their ranking.

Regarding our on court curriculum, last weeks "volley driving" week has progressed to a Boast emphasis this week, with a progression on our speed/agility work and our "Penalty Box" workouts.

In our NEWS you'll find:

  1. Summer Camp signups!

  2. Our 10 Lesson Pack Offer

  3. Remote Coaching explanations (spaces open for Buffalo)

  4. Ubiquitous reminder :) for our SQUASHTIGERS SOCIALS!

Last call for April - if you'd like to sit down with me (either face to face or virtually) and make a plan to maximize your child's development through summer, click here and we'll find a day and time.

This weekend is another busy one! Good luck to the kids competing in the Buffalo Gold, the Bronze Nationals and the somewhat archaic, but presumably quite fun Junior Doubles Championships - go get em! For everyone else, TRAINING ALWAYS RUNS and we'll see you at the club!


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