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Spring New NEWS!

Happy Wednesday!


I have met with 37 different families so far this Spring, and as I look in my diary, I have time and energy for more… As everyone would be aware we are in “planning season” and much of the success of next season will be determined by the building blocks put in this Spring and Summer.  Reply to this email and we’ll find a time to chat face to face and plan on how to achieve your child’s goals in the sport. Some bullet points below to keep you aware of the Squash Tigers world - big things ahead!


Four points:

  • Squash Tiger Summers are now open to everyone, places are limited - see here for signups

  • Rehearsal Tournament this Saturday, kickoff 10:00am and signup HERE 

  • If you know any families that would like their children to learn enough squash to participate in summer camps, we have them covered!

  • We have zoom coaching available for the Buffalo Gold this weekend - email me with requests.

Have a great week and see you all at training!

Paul and the Team


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