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What does the program look like?

What does a typical training week look like?

Over 20 hours of supervised training is available to players each week of the year. Squads emphasize the importance of the whole athlete, with a detailed curriculum designed to develop players' technical, tactical, mental and psychological capabilities. A squad hosts up to 30 players practicing a combination of shots and movements based on a preset curriculum. A typical training week for an aspiring player consists of four to six squads between 75 mins to 90 mins each.

What does a week of training for an advanced player look like?

More committed players will be invited to join our Performance Program to fast track their growth. In addition to attending program squads, these players will also attend four to six small group sessions each week, personally supervised by Coach Paul. These intense squads feature advanced squash routines, skill benchmarking, additional strength and agility training and an emphasis upon mental training. Select players enjoy a range of benefits, including tournament coaching at major US Squash tournaments and monthly progress meetings.

Additionally, private lessons are available to all SQUASHTIGERS members to speed development and ensure technical excellence.

If you are the parent of a junior player and would like to discuss the program, please email our Squash Director Paul Frank

via to make an appointment to speak. We look forward to seeing you at the club soon.


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