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Wednesday Checklist!

Happy Wednesday and most importantly, Happy Birthday to Coach Claire! We're lucky to have Claire on our coaching team and be sure to wish her all the best when you see her at the club this evening!

Last weekend was a big one in a competitive sense and congratulations to our 20+ players who competed in the PA Gold - 4 winners and 12 kids in the top ten of their respective age groups makes for a great event. If you haven't caught up with the report, you can find it on the blog. As with last week, below you'll find the updated checklist for happenings in the Squash Tigers World. If anything below is of interest please message me via (609) 906-4271.

  1. CT Gold this weekend - Zoom coaching available should you wish to have myself and our coaching team mentor your child through the event. Details are unchanged and may be found on our dedicated webpage.

  2. Our penultimate Rehearsal Tournament lands on May 6 - matches, matches and more matches - you can enter here.

  3. If you have friends or family interested in having their children learn the sport in time for summer now is a great time - details HERE.

  4. June Summer Plans HERE and Full Summer Plans HERE.

  5. If you're not following us on Instagram, you're missing out. Good fun and an insight into our day to day, especially on our stories... check it out!

Finally, my standard reminder - 8 weeks until Summer Camps start in earnest June 25. Great to plan for Summer, even better to make sure you have a productive couple of months leading in... there's no better time to work hard than today!

See you all at the club.

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