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Rehearsal Tournament - CHANGE OF DATES!

Rehearsal Tournaments are one of the big planks of our whole Squash Tigers program! Rehearsal Tournaments are in-house events conducted at SQUASHTIGERS and if you're curious about what to expect, you can read the report of our first event on the blog!

The dates for our coming seasons Rehearsal Tournament Series, which comprises 9 tournament events, were set in August, with the best of intentions... Now, to borrow from the great Scottish Poet Robert Burns:

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry

In context, this means that the dates I selected for our Rehearsal Tournaments are now needing to be slightly altered. You can read the full list of the dates and enter on our dedicated website and there will still be the full 9 in the circuit, just slightly moved to accommodate players participation in events across the country.

A reminder that the circuit attracts entries from top juniors. They also provide a great home for beginners to gain rehearsal before they step out into the US Squash ranking world. Players play a minimum of three and a maximum of four matches on a Saturday, commencing first thing and concluding early afternoon. The event does not count towards rating or ranking, so players may be relaxed enough to develop their games in a friendly environment, yet serious enough so that they will be ready for the wider world when they get out there! ​

Full season Squash Tigers members receive free entry into our Rehearsal Tournaments, guaranteeing a strong draw up and down the experience levels but MUST CONFIRM THEIR PARTIPATION. Full season members have been entered into the event and should confirm they wish to participate by the Wednesday preceding the draw in order for Coach Claire to properly prepare draws.

Last seasons Rehearsal Tournaments were a tremendous success, with everyone from beginners through to National Champs participating and this season promises to be even better. Looking forward to seeing everyone on 10/21!


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