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Happy Tuesday - Updates!

Happy Tuesday! Lots happening in the Squash Tigers World - just a few points to keep you in touch!

  1. Our first Rehearsal Tournament ran this past Saturday - if you were busy elsewhere, you can read about it on the blog

  2. Congratulations to the group of Squash Tigers who did so well at the PDS Silver and RI Gold this past weekend - if you haven't already, read the report!

  3. Check out the change in dates for the coming Rehearsal Tournaments to better align with the US Squash calendar

  4. A reminder that TRAINING ALWAYS RUNS - and even though we have a busy JCT this weekend all squads will run as scheduled

  5. We have relaunched the Learn to Play Starter Pack - ideal to pass onto parents who would like to get their children involved in squash

Lastly, the ubiquitous reminder that I have allocated time in my week to discuss any of the multitude of questions that come up for squash parents from tournament selection to training plans and beyond. The offer extends to members and non-members, I'm always happy to talk squash and reply to this email to set up a day and time either in person or via Zoom.

See you all at training!



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