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August NEWS!

I can't believe it's August already! That being said, there's a lot on the calendar to be aware of, including the start of "Planning Season" to prepare for the Fall!

Firstly there's a mountain of competition at the moment and good luck to the ST crew contesting the Battle of the Borders, the RI Gold and the ST Silver! Hard work will pay off and I'm sure everyone will do themselves proud! Look for the report next week, which is certainly going to be an awesome one!

What I think of as "planning season" kicks off next week and you can expect all details to appear in your inbox. We have the luxury of four weeks until the start of the "formal season" and return to school so there's no great urgency, but to reassure everyone on a few of the basics. I'll be releasing our Fall weekly training schedule (with 20 squads per week), there will be opportunities to sit down with me and make individualized plans including tournament selection advice and lesson slots will be available to confirm with all our coaches. Stay tuned!

Having said that, we have the opportunity to make the remainder of August as productive as possible and programming runs strongly through the remainder of Summer!

  1. Squash Tigers Summer Camp continues unchanged until September 1, catering for beginners through to National Champs! Full details on our dedicated webpage

  2. Performance Squads ramp up for our elite and aspirational players

  3. Lessons are available with all four of our coaches outside camp times, however please remember to plan in advance to avoid disappointment

  4. Our next Zoom Coaching event is the Detroit Gold - limited places left on what will be a busy weekend

As always, please remember to sign up for ALL CAMP DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL unless you have a Summer membership. All camp details are unchanged and are on the site or make a quick email to to make sure we have availability!

See you all at training!

Paul and the Team


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