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For 2023, SQUASHTIGERS' CHRISTMAS SQUADS run from Sat 12/16 to Tues 01/02/2024 with a break for Christmas on Mon 12/25.

The Christmas camp squads are longer than our usual weekday squads and assist junior players of all ages and levels to move to the next level of achievement. Whether you are beginning in the sport, or pushing towards excellence, these are the camp experiences for you! In a fun and hard working atmosphere, players will go through aspects of the game - training tactically, technically and physically led by an experienced and caring team of coaches.

Note: If you are new to SQUASHTIGERS, you will first need to create an account and select a membership. Please select the membership GUEST to book summer camps. Note that our regular SQUAD and PERFORMANCE (monthly, three-monthly or full-season) members have auto-access to these camps as long as these camps fall within their valid membership period.

Players may book on a per-day basis that grants them access to ANY one squad during the day or book for the full camp using the link below. 

Book per-day/full camp for Christmas - Dec 16th thru Jan 2nd

Please note that as a part of the full-camp registration, the player will be auto-enrolled into the Rehearsal Tournament scheduled for Dec 30th. However, please let one of our coaches know if you prefer to drop out the rehearsal tournament so that we may remove you from the draw.

In addition to squads, we also run the PERFORMANCE sessions. The PERFORMANCE sessions are small-group training for the most aspiring players currently competing at Gold or JCT levels who wish to accelerate their performance development. Please reach out to Paul at or (609) 906 4271 to discuss suitability of these sessions for your child.

Please note the camp schedule and squad timings as below:

Christmas 2023 Camp Schedule.png
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