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Wisdom from Bill Durham!

Bull Durham is a baseball movie, filmed in 1988 and starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. It is held to be one of the best sports movies of all time, and certainly is my favorite. We have a “Bull Durham Blog Series”... partly for fun and partly because there’s so many useful concepts dealt with in the movie that apply to squash!

Our second Bull Durham Blog is based on the immortal quote:

(Ebby Calvin LaLoosh) "That was great, huh?" (Kevin Costner) "Your fastball's up, your curveball's hanging. In the Show, they would've ripped you." (Ebby Calvin LaLoosh) "Can't you even let me enjoy the moment?" (Kevin Costner) "The moment's over."

The pitcher has just finished winning an epic game. The experienced catcher, who is also fulfilling some of the role of the coach is somewhat critical.


Winning is not the be all and end all. Sometimes we win and play poorly, conversely sometimes we lose and play well. Be open to feedback and reflect on the quality of your game rather than simply focused upon the W all the time.


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