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What Squashies can learn from horses… June mini-blog series… :)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Horse Quote:

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor… a perfect horse, never made a horseman”

Horse Meaning:

A beginner wants to find a perfect horse.  An advanced rider realizes that a slightly less obedient horse can teach them.  The secret is to find a horse that will challenge the rider, without being too much of a challenge so that one falls off.

Take home for Squashies:

In training we should not only feel comfortable with organized and simple drills.  A prime is when you take private lessons the coach gives you activities that you can manage, and gradually stretches you into new skills and difficult situations until it breaks down.  When the drill breaks down then the coach reverts back to something slightly more manageable to ensure repetitions and continuity.  If all the coach gave you were feeds that you could manage, then you just don’t grow as a player.

Don’t be the player that only wants to practice skills they have already mastered!

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