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What Squashies can learn from horses… June mini-blog series… :)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Horse Quote:

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Horse Meaning:

One way of telling how old a horse is involves looking at its teeth.  One wouldn’t normally give away a young, useful horse.  The expression suggests that when someone does something nice, like give you a horse, don’t devalue the experience, look in its mouth and complain because it’s “old”… rather, just be grateful and move on.

Take home for Squashies:

A lot of possibilities here.  The one I much prefer to emphasize is to be grateful when your opponent gives you things.  The most simple example is if the opponent is having a difficult day on court and makes repeated errors.  No need to be mean to them, but no need to stop and try and make them play better.  Play at a normal pace, serve the ball, take the point and move on with your day.  Too many people worry about the opponent and “if they’re okay”, rather than taking the points and the win.  The time to be lovely to your rival is after the match, during the match we simply play the game and we don’t question their “generosity”!


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