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Tournament Coaching - UVA Gold

The UVA gold will be conducted in Virginia on the weekend of June 24. I am well aware that there are many Squash Tigers players attending the event and we wish them well. Competition gives us context to our training and we’ll find out much about our strengths and weaknesses from this high level of play. Although we will not have a coach in attendance, we will be offering remote coaching for those players who are interested. You may find all details about remote coaching via this link.

If you would like information on coach availability and costs, contact Paul directly. Please be aware that capacity is limited and slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

On that note we are bringing two more coaches on board in the next few weeks and look forward to introducing both our new Head Pro and a Touring Professional to you. Additional coaches will mean we will have more coaches on the ground this coming season.


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