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Tiger Tales – Class is Permanent!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I’m always on the lookout for inspiration from in and outside the world of squash.  A recent insta post from one of the preeminent martial arts coaches in the world, John Danaher, caught my attention.  He wrote:

Whatever skill level you are today will be 70% a reflection of your training behavior over the previous five years and 30% a reflection of the previous three months.  Failure to apply yourself well in either category can have serious ramifications for your performance here and now.

The man’s a genius.  Expanding his thought just a little, the longer you’ve played and trained hard, the more the 70% might be 80% or even more.  The less experienced you are, the more the 30% could be as high as 50%.  The take home is to be aware of your preparation, and maybe even take some confidence in the training you have done in previous months and years.  No-one who has put in the hard yards over a period of years just becomes lousy at squash, even after a disruption… form is temporary, class is (mostly) permanent.

See you on the courts.

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