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Tiger Checklist

A quick checklist to keep everyone in the loop. If anything below is of interest, message us via (609) 906-4271. Summer is coming up fast and it's always good to get plans in the books!

  1. Message us if you could like a 30 minute consultation with me about your Spring/Summer plans - time well spent.

  2. If you have friends or family interested in having their children learn the sport, now is a great time - details HERE

  3. Our mega Summer Camps kicks off June 1 and run through September 1 - details on the site- last year was epic, this year will be next level!

  4. Our penultimate Rehearsal Tournament lands on May 6 - you can read the results of our April event on the site as well as access entries for May

  5. We have a few Zoom coaching places remaining for those participating in the Boston Gold this coming weekend - details and signups are unchanged and on our dedicated webpage.

Finally, please remember Spring is still the season to make those jumps and there is still a 10 week block until Summer Camps start in earnest. The work you do now is an investment in not only your Spring profile, but certainly into your next season - you never regret the training you do, only the training you miss out on...

See you all at the club.


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