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Thursday Checklist...

Happy Thursday!

Below is the briefest of checklists. Time flies, especially when the sun comes out, so just a quick note to make sure you don't miss out. As always, if anything below is of interest please message me via (609) 906-4271.

  1. Pa Gold begins tomorrow - Zoom coaching available should you wish to have myself and our coaching team mentor your child through the event. Details are unchanged and may be found on our dedicated webpage.

  2. Message me via 609 906 4271 if you could like a 30 minute consultation about your child Spring/Summer plans - time well spent and I know I've struggled to schedule a couple of families due to my somewhat congested schedule - let's put something in the diary.

  3. If you have friends or family interested in having their children learn the sport in time for summer now is a great time - details HERE.

  4. June Summer Plans HERE and Full Summer Plans HERE. Join us for a next level summer experience!

  5. Our penultimate Rehearsal Tournament lands on May 6 - matches, matches and more matches - you can enter here.

Lastly, remember there is still a 9 week block until Summer Camps start in earnest on June 25. Spring is the ideal time to get ahead, or perhaps to catch up ... but definitely a time to make a jump!

See you all at the club.

Paul and the team


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