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What a weekend it was… Another busy weekend in the SQUASHTIGERS world!

At the club we had our first inaugural US Squash sanctioned tournament - the Squash Tigers Silver. The club was packed out with visitors from all over the US, lots of squash and lots of smiles. As you’d expect, we had a host of the team playing in all age groups. Congratulations in particular to Angela on winning her way to her first final, and Edward on playing up a storm and making a semi-final. Humzah, Michael, Henry and Anika also represented, gave 100% and impressed Jamie and I with their efforts.

Up north, JJ and Eric contested the “NTA & Squashfit Academy Junior Gold by WLJ Capital”. In Philly we had Kevin and Adam in the less extravagantly entitled EA Squash Club Spring Bronze. In both locations the boys made us proud, fought hard and lived to fight another day!

Squads on Saturday and Sunday were moved to 3:30 - with Performance at 5:00 - to accommodate our tournament guests. Well done to those who rejigged their weekend training plans and came out to some great squads. Saturday was great, Sunday even better with the players deserving extra credit for the off court - heat plus humidity plus hard work = very impressed coaches!

At the club, as always, we have a big week ahead of us... The theme of the week centers around "DEFENSE”, specifically the defensive drive. You can look for lots of repetitions on the technique and tactical implications of one of the most important strokes in the game. Additionally for the Performance Program crew, it's a big week of strength endurance... so make sure to arrive at training all ready to go!

Finally, a reminder that Summer Camps are only a month away… kicking off June 20. I’ve met and talked with almost everyone about their summer plans to maximize both their fun and their squash improvement. If you have any questions, you can email me and we’ll sit down briefly to get things ironed out for you… summer at Squash Tigers is going to be awesome, serious fun and seriously hard work each and every day!

See you all at the club soon!

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