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Search for inspiration – continued!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

On the whole, I am not a podcast sort of coach!  Nothing against them, but it’s not really part of my weekly regimen.  I read a lot, I listen comparatively little.  Imagine my embarrassment a few weeks ago when one of my favorite coaches in the squash world, Stuart Crawford, brings to my attention that he is a part of an exceptional squash podcast, which has apparently been running for quite a while.  Stuart was the on and off court leader of several of my teams in my previous role as Scottish National Coach and he is currently Assistant Coach at UPenn. Inspiration comes from many places, and it’s always enjoyable to listen to knowledgable coaches, Stuart and a couple of his buddies from the squash world, as they go over the squash world and engage with some of the best known players and coaches in the game.  The podcast an be found here and is called the “Around the Courts Squash Podcast”.  Check it out folks, it’ll bring a smile.

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