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Ranking Review 2023/2024 - The Boys!

The Season that was… Ranking Review 2023/24 - The Boys!

May is a fantastic time to look back on the season that was, celebrate the wins and plan the future.  As we look to plan Summer, it often helps to reflect on the performances of the previous season.  The majority of our high achievers set themselves up for success with their hard work in Squash Tigers Camps last summer - and wow, did that hard work pay off…

This is the boy’s breakdown; the girl’s, who were equally impressive, have their own separate analysis elsewhere!

Setting the Scene with the big numbers!

  • 26 program players were ranked in the top 32 of their respective age groups this season!

  • 13 Girls in the top 32

  • 13 Boys in the top 32

  • 12 players made the top 10

The U17’s enjoyed a spectacular season, making their families and their coaches very proud.

Leading the pack, as he often is, was Colten and his rise to #2 in the country.  The epitome of consistency, Colten demonstrated grit and perseverance throughout.  His two top 10 colleagues were Parth, with a career high #4 ranking and Alex at #9, should also be proud of their efforts.  Parth for his behalf got better and better as the season progressed, moving like a dream and overtaking a long list of historic rivals in the age group.  Alex won perhaps the Tigers match of the season in the second round of Nationals, which still draws a smile from me any time it comes to mind.

Not to be forgotten in a tough U17 field was Arman, who aged up after achieving a #28 ranking, defying some injury problems to demonstrate his ability.  Our “down year” guys, Eric and Shrikar showed enough to make us optimistic for next season.  Eric is currently #30, Shrikar #33 and the Silver Nationals Champ - and both will be looking to emulate the success of “the big three” next season.  We should also acknowledge Edward for making the final of the Bronze Nationals, an epic journey through a deep field which created a great memory.

The U15’s were headlined by JJ, who finished the season at #5 in what was a very strong group of competitors.  Huge shoutout to Jonathan who made it all the way up to #20, a notable achievement considering this was his first season even qualifying for JCT’s!  Yidrew in a down year has made it to #40 and will be looking to follow on the JJ route to the top of the game next season.  A hard working summer beckons.

Our U11’s and U13’s were a delight as ever.  Yiden was our leader in the U11’s - leftie pushed to the top of the age group at #5, Evan made it to #14 before aging up and Tony in there at #20 impressed literally everyone.  Eric was the big dog in the U13’s and made #8 even with a disrupted season.  Coming from further back we have Ronnie and Leo who both made it inside the top 50 of their age groups and look to bigger seasons ahead!

A quick moment to recognize Sean and Ayan, two of our favorite U19 visitors.  Sean made it to #28 in the rankings and will suit up for MIT next season, congratulations to him and his family.  Ayan had a memorable conclusion to the season by winning Bronze Nationals which is by any estimates a great result! 

Congratulations to all in our boys program, a season to savor.  A reminder that summer gives the opportunity to set foundations in place for next season in all respects.  Most obviously improving technique and players' physical profile.  September will be here sooner than anyone thinks, the hard work starts now.  See you all at training!


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