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Quick Updates!

A quick update to check in with the Squash Tiger community after a hectic start to February.

The first weekend of the month gave us an awesome Rehearsal Tournament, and if you missed it, you can recap here. Our next event is March 4 and as always is the perfect event for everyone from experienced players through to beginners to get that much needed match practice in tournament conditions - you may enter here. This past weekend the intensity went up even further with the Houston JCT and a very big congratulations to the kids who participated, played so well and exhibited great sportsmanship throughout. The report can be found on our website if you haven't caught up with it as yet - I haven't stopped smiling yet!

My standard reminder that I understand the February academic schedule can be intense and that this busyness is a key reason why our weekly schedule is as big and flexible as it is! There's always a squad, a coach and time to make sure that your kids get the training that is required and maintain some balance between their scholarly activities and their athletic development.

Several "must remember" points below and as always you can contact me with questions or pick up the phone and talk to me via (609) 906 4271.

3 Things to know:

  1. Our next Rehearsal Tournament is set for Saturday, March 4 and it looks to be another great one in the making. There is a draw for everyone and you can enter here. PLEASE NOTE, NO MORNING SQUADS ON REHEARSAL TOURNAMENT SATURDAYS - SCHEDULE HERE

  2. With Nationals coming up we will provide additional time slots for private lessons. That private lesson can make a lot of difference to your child's technical development and assist them with a firm paradigm to work with during squads. Contact us to make a lesson time or to arrange a time to talk it through.

  3. We will have coaches attending the Gold and Silver/Bronze Nationals in March. Availability is limited, especially for the Silver/Bronze Nationals, so please let us know if you'd like a Squash Tiger Coach outside your door for the season Championships. All details are here which are unchanged for the season!

Finally, I am often asked when the best time to begin squash is... and candidly the answer is now. The end of Winter and Spring season is an ideal time for kids to begin their journey and we offer our usual free trial and starter packages to everyone. Please feel free to pass our contacts onto families who have an interest, but have perhaps not yet got plans in motion.

Never a better time to be a Squash Tiger, see you all at the club!

Paul and the Team

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