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Match play in camp- what's it look like?

At camp on Friday afternoons in the latter part of the summer, we run "Tournament Friday" This is a great opportunity for the players to contextualize their drilling and rehearse some of what they’re learned during a long week at camp. Last week was LOB Week, and while we worked on all aspects of the game, that was a key point of emphasis.

On that point, it's worth noting that EVERY day of camp has elements of match play, with serve, serve return, keeping score and game management strategies taught by the coaches. We run a competition based program, so there's never a day with "just" drilling - we go out of our way to ensure the kids understand why they're learning skills how to put it in action in a match.

The clip below comes from our Instagram Feed. The reason we use Insta is so that people can get a genuine feel for the program and how it looks, a picture paints a thousand words, a video maybe more, so if you're ever curious as to "what it looks like", jump on our socials.

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