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Inspiration suggestions… #3

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Information is a fantastic thing.  What an inane way that is to start a blog, but, none the less, “information” is a good thing.  The problem frequently with life in particular and the internet in particular is that we are in a veritable tsunami of knowledge, so much so that it’s difficult to find the “take home points”.  Full disclosure, I finished my Masters in Sport Psychology from the University of Edinburgh about fifteen years ago, and I still struggle to regularly read a tonne of research papers, even though I know the world moves on and candidly, I am a professional coach, I should keep up to date.

For Squashies in general, one of the great resources of training knowledge if from a gentleman called Yann Le Meur, whose work I occasionally link to on this website.  The gentleman is a genius!  Fundamentally what Mr. Le Meur does is to make some of the best, most succinct infographics based upon the latest research from a bundle of different fields.  While wandering through the valley of research is daunting, digesting a well made infographic makes the journey that much less arduous.  The site itself can be found here and I believe he’s also put together an app, which I have not yet tried out, but intrigues me!  Enjoy!


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