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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Some simple points below, if you'd like further information on any aspect of the Squash Tigers World please email me via or message me on (609) 906-4271.

  1. Our penultimate Rehearsal Tournament is this coming Saturday, May 6 - matches, matches and more matches - you can enter here - kickoff 9:30am.

  2. June Summer Plans HERE and Full Summer Plans HERE. Happy to talk through best options for child's summer - it'll be summer sooner than one expects!

  3. Finally, my standard reminder - it's only May 1st! Great to plan for Summer, even better to make sure you have a productive few weeks leading in... let me know if you'd like to add that additional lesson with one of our coaches, get some tournament planning done or maybe even just start to learn the sport.

See you all at the club.



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