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Construction update - courts ready to be installed

Last week, we reached a major milestone in the project - the preparatory work required to install the white courts was fully completed. This included leveling the floor, erecting the stud wall partitions and filling those partitions with sound insulation and applying sheet-rock, moving the electrical, HVAC and sprinkler pipes up so as to not obstruct play, and making sure that the electrical connections for the lights are in place.

Progressing along, we also received shipment of the five white courts. We received wall panels, flooring and glass back walls, and we will be putting these up starting this week. We should start seeing 'real' courts in a couple of weeks!

In other news, we will be receiving the shipment of the two full-glass courts early next week. These glass courts have been battling schedule changes and bottlenecks due to the overcrowding of US ports as well as congestion along major shipping routes. We have just received confirmation that these will be delivered Nov 1st. Fingers crossed.


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