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Another big week!

Another big week at Squash Tigers as we motor on towards our December Opening!

A lot of big news, most notably on a cosmetic front, we now have our SQUASH TIGERS sign proudly displayed on the front of the building! No doubts as to who we are and where we are now! Inside the building it's also moving at a great pace, with courts 3 through 7 having their walls up and fully completed. Our walls are almost all painted in SQUASH TIGERS colors, the locker room facilities are almost finished... and I'm pretty darn excited just typing this description!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the week was the arrival our our two glass courts. Despite the world wide slowdowns, our courts raced across the water and down to NJ without a scratch, all ready for the start of their installation this week! Both courts look great and are going to be a pleasure to play on... and we'll be making sure our social media gives you a feel for all the steps of the installation!

Finally, a reminder to follow us on our social media, sign up for our emails if you haven't already and contact us directly via if you'd like to arrange a phone call or Zoom to discuss the program. The countdown is well and truly on, it'll be December before you know it and we'll be smacking that ball around!

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