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What you need to know about the Fall!

I hope everyone enjoyed summer with family and perhaps a slight break from the grind. Camps at the club were fantastic, with a memorable summer in the books filled with hard work and improvement, along with hours of smiles and fun for the kids and coaches alike!

Now our thoughts turn to Fall and planning for the season! There are a few items to be aware of below - please email with specific questions and I'll get back to you with solutions.

We offer 9 month memberships as well as month by month options for both our SQUAD and PERFORMANCE Programs. Please note that both options give you access to the program, however our 9 month option provides:

  • a substantial discount, essentially two months of tuition gratis

  • FREE entry to our Rehearsal Tournament series - nine events with a $65 entry fee for each

  • access to our Winter Camps around the Christmas break and other "special occasion camps" such as Spring Break etc.

U/11's have access to our Squad Program at a special low rate. Additionally we have had to discontinue our weekend membership option as we approach training capacity, although I am currently finalizing details for an "out of town" membership for elite players looking to travel. Contact me for details if you think this may be of interest to your family.

After you've read about the programs, if you're still a little uncertain as to what program is best for your child, or some assistance putting together weekly schedules and tournament choices we can arrange to speak. I'm very proud of our program and always happy to talk about the what, where, why, how and who's of Squash Tigers!

Our Rehearsal Tournament schedule came out last week - an important part of our Squash Tigers World. Please note that we have included free entry into Rehearsal Tournaments as part of your 9 month memberships. First event - September 30!

Tournament Coaching, both virtually and in person, is available exclusively for Squash Tiger Members. Catch up with our updates on requests, availability and costs via the website. Our first "in person" coaching event of the season will be the Connecticut JCT and we will be on Zoom for the September Golds.

The final week of Summer Camp kicks off Monday at 9:30! We have limited availability this week, however signups are still available. Please remember that you must enroll for ALL CAMP DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL unless you have a Summer membership. All camp details are unchanged and are on the site.

Enjoy the last few days of summer, a big season ahead!


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