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Tigers win Golds and Silvers in Golds and Silvers...

A busy weekend, with Squash Tigers winning tournaments as far afield as Baltimore and Florham Park.  

First to the Gold and Chloe's first Gold victory in the GU11.  The event itself was conducted on the salubrious grounds of Calvert School, specifically out of the "brand-new" Luetkemeyer Athletic Center.   Well golly.

As I said in the lead, Chloe was the stand out performer of the event from a ST perspective winning the GU11.  This said, much happened up and down the age groups to make us very proud.  The GU13 saw Mimi narrowly losing out to the #1 U11 in the country in the semi-finals on the way to a great 3rd place!  Frequent ST guest, Kaylee, won the event and is well positioned to take out the Gold Nationals next week!  Well done ladies.

The BU13 saw Eric play a magnificent final, but drop one game short.  Perseverance and a lot of skill went into the event from Eric after a difficult few weeks in his preparation.  Also highly notable was "Big Eric" in the BU15, who won a solid 3rd place, his sole blemish being against a Houston rep rated 0.3 ahead of him.  "Big Eric" is going to have a "Big Gold Nationals" this Friday... I can't wait!

GU17 saw Isabella run through untroubled to a semi-final where a slight twinge caused her to withdraw, a sensible precaution considering her favoritism for next weekend's U13 Gold Nationals draw. This is far from an exhaustive report and congrats to all our ST crew, but an extra special shout out to Jasmine in the U15 who gave it all on court!

Up North in the somewhat less salubrious Florham Park LifeTime, we had some equally impressive efforts!  Notably Raayan had a weekend off hard training and waltzed through the draw to pick up the BU17, with Tyler similarly making a BU15 semi. 

Shoutouts to Henry for a MARATHON quarter final with Tyler, Humzah in his first US Squash event in quite some time and the three musketeers, Julian, Luke and Jayden in the BU13 who gained some worthy experience.  Bigger things ahead Silver Guys, bigger things ahead...

Next weekend sees the Gold Nationals, the following week the Silver/Bronze Nationals and  million memories to be made in each.  For the day to day, a reminder that our Spring Break camp starts tomorrow with an adjusted schedule... see y'all on the courts! 


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