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Tiger Tales - what on earth is a vignette?

Quick thanks to everyone who has either commented on a blog or directly reached out. I enjoy putting them together and they provoke some great training based conversations. As I write these blogs, or micro-blogs as I like to call them, I firstly think of my audience, then I think of my “mission”. My audience is, almost always, squash families – squash kids and parents. I’m not writing a journal article for the “Journal of American Psychology”, nor am I writing a fan piece for one of the squash websites. Usually I’m trying to make a point, engage awareness or provoke a response from squash kids and their families.

The more one knows, the more one knows how little one knows. Dunning-Kruger is high on my list of beloved tenets, and I am expert enough in enough fields to know my limitations. As you wander through these little vignettes keep in mind, they’re not intended to change the world, they’re only intended to offer some food for thought, some mental fibre in a world where there is a lot of heat, but sometimes not so much light… any ideas for future articles are welcome, we’re just getting started!

See you all on court.

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