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Thanksgiving, Camp and Tournament

Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Squash Tiger family and I hope you enjoy time with friends and family tomorrow. I am reminded at this time of year how grateful I am to coach such enthusiastic youngsters to compete in a fantastic sport and to work with our dedicated group of coaches. Much for me to be thankful for!

Having said that, some brief reminders!

1. Club Closed for Thanksgiving.

2. Camps run today (Wednesday), Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Today and Friday we have 90 minute squads at 2:30pm and 5:00pm and a reminder of the full camp schedule here.

3. Our Thanksgiving Rehearsal Tournament kicks off Saturday morning at 10:00am and promises to be awesome! Entries HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone enjoys some time to reflect and decompress.

See you all at the club.



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