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Summer Reportage!

August is like the Sunday afternoon of Summer.

And with that thought we look back at not only the Detroit Gold this past weekend, but our Squash Tigers Summer Gold performances!

Overall we had 30+ Squash Tigers compete in the six Summer Golds this summer of 2023… events that took us from Cali to Texas, from Connecticut to Virginia and even somewhat inexplicably to Detroit, just in case we were getting too used to our normal routes!

We kicked off in Virginia, in the salubrious world of UVA and the somewhat idiosyncratic named “Boars Head”... a stunning mental picture conjured up there, if there ever was one for a resort. Tigers must love Boars, as on paper this was our most successful event of the summer (read our original report here) and perhaps the most successful of any club in the country! Congratulations to JJ, Erika, Isabella and Maryam, who won the BU15, GU15, 17 and 19 respectively. Lily rates a special mention for her 3rd place in the GU17, quietly playing her solid squash as she so often does.

From there we had a small contingent at Squash Zone in Cali. Sean, one of the big shakers and movers of the program this summer won the event handily, with Jasmine having several breakthrough wins to finish 4th. There’s always additional pressure in traveling to the West Coast to compete and particularly gratifying to see some of our players reap the rewards of their hard work in training.

From there to the heart (?) of Texas, Houston in particular. Houston has emerged as one of hotbeds of US Squash in the last couple of seasons, and both the HSC and nearby ubiquitous Lifetime offer great facilities for hosting. Many good performances, but the standouts saw Eric pick up his B13 win, with Parth 2nd in the BU17 and Isabella 3rd in the BU17. Several of our crew found out that it is sometimes easier to get to Texas than out of Texas, with some horror flight stories, so hopefully the high level of squash was enough to make up for the travel suffering!

Next on the board was in Connecticut! Chelsea Piers hosted the CT Gold and saw JJ continue his excellent run, winning the BU15. Colton was 2nd in the BU17 and back in the little people, Lilianna waltzed into 3rd position in the BU11.

The Newport Steamer in RI (read our full report here) has always been a favorite destination for parents and players alike, friendly organizers and particularly picturesque parts of the USA make up for the fact that they have traffic that reminds one of a hog trapped in quicksand. Colten made up for his small disappointment in CT and blasted the BU17 field, with Alex in 3rd. Sean kept on keeping on in a strong 2nd place in the BU19 with JJ 4th in the BU15. Girl power was a standout, as usual in the program with Reghan winning the GU17 in relatively untroubled fashion and Isabella (don’t call me Bella), winning the GU19. Wow, just wow!

We finished off in Detroit, The Motor City, with slightly fewer attendees, but ones of great quality. Standout performances were in the BU17, with Alex winning without dropping a game and Parth making the semi.

Where does that leave us now? Well, Labor Day brings us back to Connecticut and the first JCT of the 2022/2023 season, followed by four consecutive Golds on each September weekend and more Silvers than one could shake the proverbial stick towards! An early heads up that we’ll have coaches in CT for the JCT and offer Zoom coaching for all Golds and Silvers in September. You’ll see reminders, but if you’d like to request a Squash Tigers Coach to take you through your events, I’d suggest you book early, it’s a busy, busy season for our crew!

Additionally please be aware that our squad schedule and membership details are now released on the website. Read through the details and I’ll be reaching out to everyone to assist in the planning process.

August may well be the Sunday afternoon of Summer, but let’s enjoy the last few weeks of work before us! There are limited places available for summer camp, with both morning, afternoon and full day options. Please remember that unless you have a full summer membership you MUST book before arriving and you can do so online, or by contacting me directly via

See you all at the club soon!

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